August 14,2015



imgresTGIF! Пятница, друзья! 5-й день стажировки в Киевской IT-компании восьми поклонников он-лайн маркетинга…

But for us it’s a sad new cause we’re already used to getting up, catching a bus and arriving at the Mobilunity office at 10 a.m.

So, it’s a crazy Friday for us because of many tasks due so I’ve decided to smooth your day and write entertaining info of few reasons why it’s cool to be an intern here.

  1. To begin with, each person is treated specially as if we were already a part of the team. I could easily take an interview from the CEO, tasted ice-cream, which was provided for every employee and ask for help (which I actually received).
  2. You have an amazing opportunity to learn much new. Personally, I’m shocked by the amount of info I’ve learned during the 5 days. Without doubting I can answer what is reciprocal links, is web page name an on-site tool and which tools to use to follow competitors’ linkbuilding.
  3. In general, this week brought us theoretical and practical knowledge in Blogging, SMM, SEO, website audit, how to create a semantic kernel, WordPress, which will benefit us in future career no matter if we become a part of Mobilunity or other company.
  4. It was a week full of new contacts and new people who are very different and magnetic while at the same time they are full of diverse experience, skills and goals.
  5. Moreover, we’ve received a gift today – corporate T-shirts and a photo shoot included.
  6. The last but not the least – we’re going to relax and watch a movie today! Wait for details on Monday!

    Oh, my, the movie starts! Have to rush! See you…