August 18,2015

Tuesday Post:




It’s Tuesday, according to the calendar and here is a portion of new information from Marketing Newbies team!

Знаете, когда мы работаем в какой-либо компании, нам часто задают вопрос: “А как ты туда попал?” В сегодняшнем посте я хочу рассказать как я попала в эту компанию и почему в перспективе работа в Мобилунити – это действительно интересно! Итак, моя история началась с ввода в Google Search “маркетинг стажировка киев” и понеслась: 2 этапа интервью, тест на логику,  неделя и я в команде 8 крутых стажеров! Но обо всём по порядку…

This is my way how I got on the premiere internship program in Mobilunity. My goal was to find an educational and interesting program for interns so I tried to concentrate on 3 main words: marketing internship Kiev. I started to think of international companies that will accept me as a trainee so I send a few resumes. However, I glanced at the Mobilunity logo near those Coca-Cola, John Deere and others. It was a whale and it actually grabbed my attention. Although I didn’t have any experience in online marketing – I decided to give it a try and send my CV. On a day I arrived at the first group interview in my life and successfully passed a test for logic (8/10 – can you imagine that!). A few days later I became a part of the Mobilunity Internship Program and now I’m here writing for you! Ok, I have a few more tasks for today, so see you tomorrow then…