August 20,2015

Работа в Mobilunity

5c18870123d9618137e532ad1c072004Guys, almost Friday! Работа в Mobilunity – что это и с чем его едят?

After 10 days full of hard work and lots of funny moments, my team “Marketing Newbies” is sure that internship in Mobilunity is a great way to practice our skills in online marketing! By the way, a big part of online marketing strategies fall on SEO. I believe that in Ukraine there are not so many great specialists in this topic, so if you’re looking for SEO jobs Kiev and Lvov, then this is your best choice. Our teams are both lucky to find such opportunity in the capital of our country. And to know how it looks like you are welcome to visit our Instagram page.

You know, there are 8 of us on the internship program and 5 of us didn’t know anything about this theme before joining Mobilunity. If you ask me, I believe that I was the most inexperienced one. But every day I learn a lot of new info and in order to remember it, I try to associate it with something. For example, link juice I imagine as an apple (to tell the truth, each of us does so). As for SEO, it can be imagined as the weather for the website. If you think of SEO (both off-site and on-site) the forecast for your website will be precisely the same as you wish. If you don’t pay attention to SEO – the forecast will most probably be unfavorable for you.

By this token, our dear followers, for you the weather forecast in Ukraine today: maximum outside temperature today is expected to be +20 degrees above zero, in US from +19 to +34, in Canada between +9 and +12. You’re welcome!learn SEO Kyiv

So, to sum up the above – if you learn SEO Kyiv it can offer you a chance of a lifetime!

If you aren’t quitting – we are not quitting! See you soon!