August 13,2015

Off-site optimization

D88CKJb2n3MBefore continuing the previous post and pouring on you the information about websites we want to share with you that our office is located on the 13th floor and the view is fantastic.

Ah, okay, back to work! This time we offer you the list of off-site optimization criteria, which will definitely useful for anyone who is interested in SEO jobs Kiev or any other city.
Generally off-site optimization has more to do with everything outside a website, and mainly it consists of link building. Figuratively off-site optimization is connected with link popularity and each link back is equal to one vote on how popular is the page. This makes a website be in a higher position in SERP. So, in order to ensure the website popularity, it’s important to consider the following points:


  • Positions in SERP – how high your website stays on a search engine result page by a keyword query
  • Backlink profile – how many sites are linking to yours? Which websites are linked to your website? Relevant websites are thought to be an advantage.
  • Anchor text – use targeted keyword. There should be a diversity of anchors on different referring pages
  • Number of inbound and outbound links on referring domains
  • Don’t forget about Page Rank of pages linking to your site

Also, it is important to understand what is white/gray/black hat SEO. It means how good do you follow the policies suggested and implied by the search engines. For more detailed info you can visit the Google webmaster central blog, for example.

In addition, we want to remind that everything is evolving, including the Internet and the concept of SEO gets its modifications and everyone has to do with the regular novelties and shake-ups, i.g. Panda and Penguin from Google, PR update, etc.

Hopefully, this information was of some educational value to you. However, for us, it’s high time to start working on our today’s tasks.

Get back to us tomorrow, as we will tell you about on-site optimization! And make this day a smiley day 🙂