August 19,2015

online vs offline

Online or offline marketing?

As you know, I’m new in online marketing. I’m one of the Marketing Newbies. And some day I will be a Pro in all that links and browsers like  Ironman in weapons. However, today I’m just a human made of blood and flash and I got sick. I had to stay in hospital away of all “that links and browsers”. In other words I spent few days OFFLINE! An interesting thought crosses my mind. Can I still be an on-line marketing specialist?

What is the difference between online and offline marketing? Online marketing vs traditional marketing, who wins?

What is traditional or offline marketing? You can be surprised, but there are still people who don’t use the Internet. There are about 22 % of the US population who live offline. It is about 70 million people that can be reached in only by old fashioned way. So, don’t ignore magazines, papers or printed sources which publish press releases. Use radio and TV channels to reach your marketing goals. Well designed, printed materials can get you a lot of customers.

The ANSWER that came to me is: integrate online and offline marketing and you will win!

Have fun!Offline marketing