August 28,2015

Last day-big day. My life will never be the same

Tanya: Digital marketing internship in gaming form is over! Two teams were competing for three weeks. My life has changed. The biggest challenge for me was writing. I didn’t like it at all…

I learnt to create infographics. I made myself to write posts for the blog. And guess what? I loved it! I enjoyed creating video, posting, learning, presenting my researches. I handled with linkbuilding. We struggled for points for our teams. Who is winning? And guess what? We won! We all won by uniting with other team.


This Intership is deffinetely great experience: we worked with dinamic and absolutely friendly people and cool professionals. I enjoyed chalenging tasks that reflects real needs of the online marketing and strong team approach to make them come true and fulfill requirements.

Wow! I`ve really learned lots of new things and all of them can be carried out in action right away!

Alyona: It was a real pleassure to take part in such a traineeship, to know new people and learn new things together. It is definitely a beginning of somethings awsome! So, let’s see.


I want thank all Mobilunity people for help and support!  you gave us some much energy and share your experience! It was very challenging for me to work with computers as I am unexperienced. My team, Any, mobilunity people helped me a lot! It was a great time!