August 21,2015


Keywords density or keywords stuffing

Internet marketing specialists or any website owner with a high level of self esteem should be able to write good text. Any website is required to tell people (and Google) about your service or product. Search engines recognize you by keywords. Do you still believe that thousand keywords will get you to the TOP 3? Nope, not going to happen.
Density of keywords more than 10 % will bring you KEYWORDS STUFFING and ban.
What text is good? Remember who do write for! You write for your CUSTOMERS or FRIENDS. Google likes natural texts too. Make Google your friend!
Marketing interns should know how to write right texts. Here some tips for newbies from NEWbieS.

6 pieces of advice to write a proper text:

  1. use keywords
  2. use keywords naturally
  3. read and listen your text after writing
  4. ask questions
  5. use media, e. g. infographics
  6. check keywords density.

There are many online tools for density checking, e. g.

What is the perfect density of keywords according to Matt Cutts? Piece of advice from GURU


P. S. Matt Cutts is a software engineer at Google since 2000. We researched guest blogging topic and came across a funny story. Do you remember the times when links could be bought, there more links you have, the cooler you are?
It was before Penguin. Some creative blogger sent Matt Cutts a proposition to sell link for promotion! Then Penguin was born.