August 26,2015

Introduction to Material Design Principles!

As a part of our NEWbieS team task dedicated to Online Marketing we have received a nice new challenge – make a simple introduction to the Material Design with the help of infographics.

Wondering why such a tool as infographics? Well, it’s just one of several great approaches in SEO which helps to drive traffic to your site. We can explain how, just check our article reasons to use infographics for promotion of your site.

Let’s start, Marketing Interns and Material Design fans!

Material Design became really popular not just because of its approach that shows how to build a user interface (UI) properly. But also a UI itself, which is clearly understandable by any user with a feeling that one can touch its elements as if they were made of real material.

The new vision of design was set in 2011 when Google decided to make all its products look similar, because before that even single product looked differently depending on the platform it is set on. And finally in 2014 Google presented revolutionary approach and design system named Material Design.

This new approach guides and helps you to make design decisions: about appearance, how something works, how the animation goes and so on.

So, new Google approach stands on 4 key principles:

  • Tactile surface. The interface consists of tangible layers of so-called “digital paper”. These layers are arranged at different heights and cast shadows on each other, which helps users better understand the anatomy of the interface.
  • Print design. In this way everything that is displayed on the “digital paper” we call “digital ink”, to which we apply traditional approach of graphic design, for example, as in magazines and posters.
  • Meaningful animations.  In the Material Design we think about using animation in layers and “digital ink” to give users tips on the interface structure.
  • Adaptive design. This concept is all about how we apply previous three principles on different devices with different screen sizes.

Here is an infografic of Material Design Principles in which we used all our new skills we gained during the Online Marketing Internship in Mobilunity, Kiev.

Infogr MD