August 10,2015

Meet us! Why are we here?

Hello, guys!

Meet our intern team: Yana, Dima, Alyona, Tanya.

We are Marketing NEWbieS or Marketing NEWS! The name of our team is symbolic for us. NEWbieS stand for North South East and West. We want to learn more about online marketing. Since the best way to learn is practice we internship is the best choice.

We are four energetic enthusiastic people willing to dig into a very complicated world of marketing and share our experience with our followers. We have joined Mobilunity Internship Program to succeed in online marketing and develop our social skills.

Now a few words on the topic in general.

Internship is the great opportunity to perform the best job not only for students or job seekers but also for companies whose aim is to find the best employee who fits a certain position.


So, why should you consider the internship? It is the best chance to find young and talented people, educate passionate and devoted to the company workers. However, interns can be paid less then experienced employees. If you invest time to organise the internship you will get most probably get the best people working with you.

If refere to the statistics, you can see the percentage division by industry of companies who take interns.

Still it’s important to mention that there is always a risk to loose educated employee. According to statistics interns quit companies 20% less compared to permanent employees.

Therefore, if you are looking into start of a carrier – join internship program. Learning by doing is the best!

If you ask us, we’ve chosen the internship opportunity because we are quite ambitious as you can see!!! We eager to create great projects!

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