August 12,2015

Reasons to use INFOGRAPHICS for promotion of your site


WHAT? Infographics! It is data presentetion in visual form.

infographic about infographic


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WHY? Inforgaphics is intended to present information quickly and clearly. Using infographics usually has a good affect on user behavior. People are more likely to stick around your page.

Infographic is ment to be shareable, so it is an additional soure of relevant traffic to your website.


HOW to create infographic?

Firstly you have to determine the goal – what this infograqphics should be for? Who should read it? What info it provides with?

Then you have to make a research of a proper info and frame a structure of your future infographics. You can take a glance of some samples to have a clue of the firther steps.

Write your data by changing  text position, fonts  and colors. You are free to use pictures and icons, they are intented to turn on right hemisphere of the brain wich is responsable for imagination. So, turn on your imagimation and create a unique and cool infographics. Keep in mind that it should be a KISS (keep it short and sweet).


5  types of data for visualization you can use for creating infographics:

  • statistics
  • time-series data
  • maps
  • structure
  • networks


6 reasons to use INFOGRAPHICS for promotion of your site:

  1. Information is short
  2. It is more interesting to read pictures
  3. Infographic is your unique content
  4. It is shareable to social medias
  5. Infographic can link to your site
  6. You can use relevant keywords as name and alt text.
  7. Low bouncing rate


TOOLS for creating your own infographic:

online tools:,,, etc.

offline tools: graphic editors, 3D editors, video editors


It is not clear what is the difference between infographics and data visualisation.

Infographics are informative pictures.

Data visualizations are Charts and bars (e.g. Excel).

Information graphics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge often used to support information, strengthen it and present it within a sensitive context.

They are specific, context-sensitive and often times hand-crafted.

HOW infographics work for SEO?

  1. Name your file correctly. Check for search requests, use some keywords. Remember to be relevant.
  2. Write  keyword-rich alt text.


Rememder who you create site for. It’s people, right? So, consider what peolpe like. Give them valuable information in the shortest time.