August 11,2015


how to write press-release Our today’s post will be devoted to press release. We’ve received the task to learn as much as possible on the topic, digested the info, passed the quiz and are ready now to shake the acquired knowledge with you!

So, the press release is one of the key communication tools to use if your aim is to build the relations with the media. However, editors receive hundreds of them each week 🙁
You might think that in this post we’ll provide you with one awesome advice on the press release topic. Well, is there one universal idea how to grab attention of the target media? Nope. Unfortunately. Or fortunately.

Still, there is a way how to make it as interesting as possible. We’ve come up with the idea that you should think of it as if you were giving forth an upcoming event to a friend or you’re excited about telling him that you’ve already attended one – it’ll be the perfect time to start writing!

If we speak about the format of one, here are the standard ideas+ :
1. Heading. It should take 40% of your total efforts of the whole writing process.
2. Intro. Here you need to answer 5 “W” questions: What, Who, When, Where, Why.
3. Body. At this step you have to show your credibility, tell why is your information significant and answer the stereotypical question “so what?” Additionally, this is the chance to add quotes to live up your info and add some digital bangs.
4. Ends. This is the chance to acknowledge the reporters where they can get reports, photos, etc. Plus, it’s important to provide here the contact information.

Finishing, it’s important to mention a few necessary details:
Your press release can be rejected so be aware that the original audience is the editor.
Make sure it’s up-to-date and attractive to the audience.
Be attentive while checking the spelling and grammar.
Follow a consistent layout throughout the whole writing process and make sure you use relevant images or infographics to your topic.
One page is more than enough.
Pressfeed or other content hub where journalists share urgent requests are the advisable sources to use.

onze-mediaHopefully, our short advises and findings will be interesting to YOU. If you have some additional questions or remarks on the topic, feel comfortable to contact us. We still have interesting tips to share 😉