August 25,2015

Happy Independence day, Ukraine!

We have some news! One of our NEWbieS Yana left us and now she is on Sri Lanka vacation!

The rest of us had an amazing time as well. This weekend we had Independence Day of Ukraine. We all celebrated the holiday and honored our motherland and our heroes. Ukraine started its independent history in 1991. It was a hard period for all of us as a country, and we all hope, pray and work for our future.

Today Ukraine is one of the most perspective countries in Europe. We are very close to become a leader in IT development, same as support and design.

There are thousands of IT companies and millions of freelancers in Ukraine. Young, creative people have a great opportunity to become web-developers, mobile-designers or online marketing specialists and then easily find seo jobs in Kyiv or even other countries.

There are a plenty of ways to learn IT profession online for free: Coursera, Codecademy, The Code Player, Stack Overflow, forums, books, games, etc.

On the other hand, a great way to learn is doing an internship. We joined Online Marketing Internship program at leading IT company in Kyiv a few weeks ago and now looking to gather as much knowledge as we can. We are waiting for new online marketing facts, new happenings and ocasions to use our new experience.

Do you remember our motto? Keep calm and do an Internship!

Let’s make our future as bright as Ukrainian flag.

Your Marketing NEWbieS.