August 17,2015

Good morning, Kiev and the whole world!

New day – new experience for us and new information for you, our awesome followers!

We’ve decided to start our 2nd week in Mobilunity by getting to know the employees of the company. Like we have have presented our team a week ago, now we want to tell you about those who help us or with whom we anyhow have communicated during the previous week. So, welcome our precious Mobilunity workers who help us to deal with severe weekdays of our internship:

Anna, our HR-Manager: 


  • graduated from Donetsk National Technical University (DonNTU)
  • works 1,5 months with Mobilunity team
  • loves reading, sports and travelling (sometimes hitchhiking). The most striking experience: Dahab and Black-and-white desert in Egypt
  • was impressed that in Mobilunity a lot of liability was put on her from the first days, her point of view is always considered and valued
  • Anna is very helpful and attentive to us as interns

Andriana, Organization Development Manager: 

  • finished Kiev European UniversityG6yMeGHYUMg
  • works in Mobilunity almost 1 year
  • has little free time, but loves travelling (1-2-days tours) and taking care of her family. The most vivid memory is a 1-day travel to London in order to watch Fantom of the Opera
  • Andriana helped us to relax and feel comfortable during the interview and keeps cheering us up each day

Julia, Office Manager:

  • was a student of Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law (KUTEL) cIMDIgQlMGI
  • works in the company for 3 months (her probationary period ends on the 22nd of September)
  • had to pass a test at home in order to get a job, on which the time limit was an hour
  • spends all her free time with her dog after weekdays and her weekends she spends with her family
  • Yulia helps us every day with any problem which appears

Anna, Web-designer:

  • graduated from Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture (KNUCA) sXGZS30yOL8
    first degree is in Russian language and Literature
  • joined Mobilunity 10 months ago
  • hates waking up early so arriving at the office at 10 am is perfect for her
  • loves watching films and sleeping in her free time
  • Anya helped us to embody our crazy ideas into beautiful pictures

Igor, System Administrator:

  • graduated from Sumy State University (SSU) FMQxywhUXuM
  • he works 2 months in the company
  • believes that the internship is cool because every creative idea superinduces something into the company
  • has little free time, but if there are some – he is keen on riding a bicycle and spending time with his family
  • every day Igor deals with our dull questions on simple problems with computers

Vova, Junior PHP:

  • graduated from Donetsk National Technical University (DonNTU)^62E7D0F9971C06C232ED5CF729AB34D76894DCDBB9F4658763^pimgpsh_thumbnail_win_distr
  • works in Mobilunity for 5 months
  • it’s his second job
  • for him probation period didn’t differ much from the actual job
  • in his free time he loves to draw, run, read and he spends weekends on discovering new sightseeing in Kiev
  • Vova spend a nice Friday evening with our interns team and helped me personally 🙂


Hopefully, this week we’ll make even more contacts in Mobilunity!