August 27,2015

6 reasons to use video for website promotion

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Marketing newbies  will tell you how to start your brand promotion.

What SEO tools should you use for your site promotion?

VIDEO is a simple way to generate traffic.

Why video content is the best way for promotion? There are 6 reasons:

  1. People don’t read long sheets
  2. Video appeals to visual and audio senses
  3. Music is your message
  4. Use keywords in title and description
  5. Search engines prefer video than image
  6. Video decreases the bounce rate

video-attention-spanRemember that people keep attention no more than 2-3 minutes. Here is what possible to use during this time to draw attention of your viewers and motivate them to stay longer on your channel.

Keep in mind that some people watch video at work and they don’t have ability to hear the sound. We recommend you to write some subtitles or calls to action on the screen.

You can use video to provide your visitors with a certain information and even to solve possible problems. To attract more visitors it is better to group all your videos together and create a user-friendly video resource center where the viewers would be able to search for the content easily. But, on the same time, it is better to avoid an endless stream of players on a single page.

Another catchy thing is to use interactive elements to connect with viewers: in-video links, quizzes, surveys, etc. This will help you to guide people to the next logical step.

Besides posting videos on your YouTube channel, host them on your website as well. This will bring you a SEO value and again attract more visitors.

And don’t forget about a video sitemap!

You can use to create video online. Use effects reasonably and smile to the camera. Enjoy your video creation and let your followers enjoy with you.