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Last day-big day. My life will never be the same

Tanya: Digital marketing internship in gaming form is over! Two teams were competing for three weeks. My life has changed. The biggest challenge for me was writing. I didn’t like it at all… I learnt to create infographics. I made myself to write posts for the blog. And guess what? I loved it! I enjoyed […]

6 reasons to use video for website promotion

Do you still have no website? Use or! Marketing newbies  will tell you how to start your brand promotion. What SEO tools should you use for your site promotion? VIDEO is a simple way to generate traffic. Why video content is the best way for promotion? There are 6 reasons: People don’t read […]

Introduction to Material Design Principles!

As a part of our NEWbieS team task dedicated to Online Marketing we have received a nice new challenge – make a simple introduction to the Material Design with the help of infographics. Wondering why such a tool as infographics? Well, it’s just one of several great approaches in SEO which helps to drive traffic […]

Happy Independence day, Ukraine!

We have some news! One of our NEWbieS Yana left us and now she is on Sri Lanka vacation! The rest of us had an amazing time as well. This weekend we had Independence Day of Ukraine. We all celebrated the holiday and honored our motherland and our heroes. Ukraine started its independent history in […]


Keywords density or keywords stuffing Internet marketing specialists or any website owner with a high level of self esteem should be able to write good text. Any website is required to tell people (and Google) about your service or product. Search engines recognize you by keywords. Do you still believe that thousand keywords will get […]

Работа в Mobilunity

Guys, almost Friday! Работа в Mobilunity – что это и с чем его едят? After 10 days full of hard work and lots of funny moments, my team “Marketing Newbies” is sure that internship in Mobilunity is a great way to practice our skills in online marketing! By the way, a big part of online […]

online vs offline

Online or offline marketing? As you know, I’m new in online marketing. I’m one of the Marketing Newbies. And some day I will be a Pro in all that links and browsers like  Ironman in weapons. However, today I’m just a human made of blood and flash and I got sick. I had to stay in […]

Tuesday Post:

    It’s Tuesday, according to the calendar and here is a portion of new information from Marketing Newbies team! Знаете, когда мы работаем в какой-либо компании, нам часто задают вопрос: “А как ты туда попал?” В сегодняшнем посте я хочу рассказать как я попала в эту компанию и почему в перспективе работа в Мобилунити […]

Good morning, Kiev and the whole world!

New day – new experience for us and new information for you, our awesome followers! We’ve decided to start our 2nd week in Mobilunity by getting to know the employees of the company. Like we have have presented our team a week ago, now we want to tell you about those who help us or […]


  TGIF! Пятница, друзья! 5-й день стажировки в Киевской IT-компании восьми поклонников он-лайн маркетинга… But for us it’s a sad new cause we’re already used to getting up, catching a bus and arriving at the Mobilunity office at 10 a.m. So, it’s a crazy Friday for us because of many tasks due so I’ve decided […]