August 26,2015

Why do you need a website on WordPress

Why do we need any CMS?

Hello world! Today we are going to tell you about the most popular content management system. But the first question is – What is CMS? Content management system is a computer application that allows publishing, editing and modifying content, organizing, deleting as well as maintenance from a central interface. The function and use of content management systems is to store and organize files, and provide version-controlled access to their data. In simple terms, CMS helps you to create and use your website, even though you have few experience. Nowadays, there are a lot of CMSs, but the most popular are – WordPress, Joomla, Drupal.

Leader in the field

2015-cms-usage-statisticsWordPress is totally dominating in the world of CMS. It was created by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little in 2003. All started with a guy, named Michael Valdrighi. He created a source B2 Cafelog, but later he abandoned his creation. At that time, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little were using this platform for personal use and were upset when B2 Cafelog stopped updating. This issue teamed them up and they had an Idea to create their own CMS using b2 cafelog as a fork. Year after year, WordPress was growing and new features were added. Themes may be directly installed using the WordPress “Appearance” administration tool in the dashboard or theme folders may be uploaded via FTP. The PHP, HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) code found in themes can be added to or edited for providing advanced features. Since 2003 till now, there were more than 20 versions of it. The last one is called “Billie”. It was released 18 august 2015 and is focused  on mobile experience, better passwords and improved customizer. Mobile experience is very important now as Google made an update for websites with a mobile-friendly interface and put ranked them higher in Search Engine Results Page. WordPress websites are not an exception.

CMS in online marketing internship program

As you could guess, getting to know CMS is a part of our internship program. Mobilunity taught us well about WordPress and other platforms. We think that this knowledge is helpful not only for people who look for SEO jobs (in Kyiv, e.g.), but for those who want to start writing for personal use. It doesn’t matter what you want to write about – dogs, cats, games, computers etc. You will encounter one of the CMSs, mentioned before. Stay informed about them and be sure that you are up-to-date:) Stay awesome and Follow us!