August 28,2015

Online Marketing Internship Summary or Word Stuffing

Today is the last day of our internship program and here is our last post. During our studies we have learnt that content is a king, and when it comes to unique creative content nothing beats pictures! So in order to add more awesomeness to our blog we have created this fancy infographic to wrap up all the aspects of our internship experience. 

Final JAVKa's infogrphic

Moreover, for those of you who is wondering whether it’s worth to try yourself as Intern we have prepared Q&A list:

1) What did you enjoy about your internship the most?

Yulia: “It’s really hard to name one thing. I liked the friendly and productive working environment, the way we work in teams and I feel almost reluctant saying we are two different teams, working together inside a single Mobilunity family, kind of like rival siblings – family comes first”.

Dima: “I liked the teamwork and the huge amount of tasks, which had to be accomplished very fast. But since we worked in teams the time passed very quickly and it was an incredible experience”.

Kate: “I really liked the diversity of tasks and this chance to try different roles within a company. We could choose whichever direction we liked most and then grow in that direction”.

Yana: “I liked the gamification, the competition part. Even though we help each other a lot, we are two rival teams and each team is trying to beat the other one to the finish. And it works out really great, as it motivates us to achieve better results.”

2) What were the biggest challenges you faced and how did you cope with them?

Victor: “Deadlines were my biggest challenge. No matter how hard you try to manage your time and finish the tasks by 2 PM and 3 PM and 4 PM, there is a chance that a manager will come and give you another task, which you have to accomplish somewhere in between. And of course your tasks have to be done within due date, but still the quality of your work shouldn’t suffer”.

Kate: “Our first day was our first challenge, as we had to get to know each other, learn new information and accomplish our first project by our first deadline”.

Yulia: “For the first time in my life I wrote a blog post here and to be honest, I’ve spent a lot of time doing that for the first time, but all the following posts came easier to me”.

3) How would you assess your progress from the first day until now?

Tanya: “I didn’t know I was actually capable of writing a text that people would like. However, I have received plenty of positive feedback on my blog posts, which were a major inspiration for me. Thank you, guys! I really enjoyed this opportunity to share knowledge with others and learn from them”.

Victor: “I came here with the intention to develop my copywriting skills. Then I have discovered that online marketing is not limited to copywriting. Digital Marketing also includes SEO and I knew nothing about SEO before the Internship. During these three weeks I have learnt about on-site and off-site promotion and which resources might be useful while promoting the website, which tools every SEO expert must know”

4) I guess you have heard us using the term “Mobilunity person”. From what you have experienced so far, how would you describe one?

Yana: “This is a person who adjusts to any situation very fast”.

Victor: “Yes, of course, you’ve used this one a lot. Mobilunity person is open, and this quality makes him/her a good team worker”.

Dima: “It’s an active person, who is involved in a project, is being effective about finishing it, but doesn’t forget being fun, open and friendly while doing it”.

Tanya: “I have seen that Mobilunity people are very open, sometimes excessively emotional, which gives the Mobilunity team this feel of a big family”.

Kate: “It’s a pro-active person, who can perform many tasks, is not afraid of challenges, ready to experiment to achieve results”.

5) Inspirational moment you had during the internship.

Yana: “I am always inspired when I see the guys work, they are driven by the results, they dedicate 100% of themselves into the task, they always want to learn something new and I want to follow them and learn more”.

Kate: “After our first week, Kirill gave us feedback and it was clear that he expected much more from us. And this moment was a sign for all of us that we can do better, so we tried even harder the next week and we delivered even better results”.