August 12,2015

It`s time to get wet!

The temperature outside is rising and so is the temperature in the teams 🙂

Every day we get a lot of new information about online marketing, a lot of creative and challenging tasks. And in the evening, as usually at 6 PM, we have a real battle! We present the tasks we’ve been working on for the whole day, we get points for successfully accomplished ones and (of course!) we receive a new blue (please?) sticker for our achievements board.

Of course, we can’t lose sight of changes in our team – since yesterday we have new participant in our team – Nataliya. We couldn’t come to one definition of Nataliya, that is why each of us shared his/her opinion.

Nataliya-MobilunityJulia: “Nataliya is very broadbrow, smiling and communicative person. She knows how to achieve her own goals and dreams about happiness of all children all over the world “.

Victor: “When Anna left us, I thought that there will be no such person to replace her. I was wrong. Nataliya is awesome, more over she has not only necessary skills to jump in the team but also great positive attitude about mobilunity internship”.

Kateryna: “We have already tested Natasha’s stress resistance, multitasking and learning ability and of course we have introduced her to 6pm deadline in the toughest way (she was doing her own report!). And today she forced me to make 30 shots of her next to Mobilunity logo in the hall – that’s how close we’ve become over the past 2 days 🙂 “

Nataliya studies on the last course at the university and has some experience in SEO marketing, so she became a great addition to our team.

Today we studied information about infographics, their types and how they can be applied in SEO.

If you wonder … infographic is great thing to introduce your information. With another words it is graphic visual representation of information. Identify several types of infographics –

  • time series data
  • statistical distributions
  • maps
  • hierarchies
  • networking

We`ve got the task to prepare infographic by ourself … and here it is! Our first baby!


On the infographic you can find information about off site SEO factors and visualization as it is seen by JAVKa team.

We are happy that you are interested in our blog=)

Tomorrow we will have a surprise for you.

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