August 13,2015

How to be a good intern

Hello friends! It`s 4th day and we are still on feet :) Information in it`s natural form became our breakfast and dinner. Being in team is hard but nothing is unachievable. We are getting to know each other better and better. So are our skills too. Every day we have so many quests that there are some features that you want to share with but just don`t remember them. For example, in yesterday`s post we mentioned about achievement board and some blue sticker. First question, we think, from you is going to be – what is it all about? Our internship program is more interesting than you think.

Have you heard about such thing as Gamification? It is a new process of making any activities more motivating and enjoyable. Each team gets some amount of points for completing tasks. In the beginning teams were given achievement boards with Mobilunity`s logo (Whale) on them. At the end of every day each team is going to get colorful piece to put it on the board. There are three main colors – blue, azure and gray, depending on the results of work done. Blue one, as you could guess is the best one.

Our main knowledge as new interns in online marketing program is SEO. Some of us were aware about it before and for another part it were such a new world about how all things on the web are managed. We learned about such things as – on-site and off-site optimization. If you want, we can give you a few tips how to improve your website 😉

Nevertheless today`s post isn`t about marketing. It is about how to be good intern. Let`s face it – you won`t work all day long 🙂 Especially when you are doing it in front of the laptop all 8 hours! So, here they are – necessary tips and tricks to be an intern:

  1. Don`t forget to eat. You can`t imagine how it is easy just forget to have lunch. When you have so many tasks for four people, that you are thinking about completing them before deadline. But food is still important for your brain and body.View from internship program window
  2. Don`t look outside the window. Seriously, when the only thing you can see from your window is local luxury club located on the rooftop, better not to look there 🙂
  3. Put your stress face on. Imagine your boss entering the room. First what he sees is your working environment. And believe me, better not only to look like you are working, better to work for sure.
  4. Don`t act as you are resting. It`s similar thing to previous one but not the same. You can work hard but be acting laisy. It`s bad strategy for you in all cases. Being proactive is your trump card.

And in the end, we know that you have been waiting all day for our surprise, we`ve mentioned in our previous post, so here it is. Meet our team`s instagram profile. So now you can get more personal details on our internship at Mobilunity. Enjoy and Follow! 😉