August 14,2015

Lorem ipsum or How marketing interns` Friday looks like

Hi, guys! Today is the 5th day we know each other. It`s Friday! Who doesn`t like Fridays? We can tell you for sure that Mobilunity loves them. We were told that there is a special pastime for these days. At least once per month they have pizza delivery for all the company staff! And of course as now we are members, we are going to have our slices as well 🙂

Mobilunity internship program is all about deadlines. When you have a lot of projects, not only the quality matters but also timing. One way, when you know that you have one task to do on Friday but the other thing is when our Boss comes in and tells you – “Sorry guys, tomorrow’s task has to be accomplished today by 6 p.m.” And nothing matters for him, how we gonna do this quest. The job must be done. That’s exactly what we had today. All of the interns had individual tasks to do at home. By the way, they were about off-site promotion and keynotes had to be done. Yesterday we were told that we are going to present them today at 3 p.m. BUT… deadlines changed, and we had to present them before lunch. So, don`t stress out when something like this happens to you as it is quite common in big fast-paced companies.

We have also something good planned for today 🙂 marketing internship programToday is Friday and we are going to have pizza! But not only this treatment is great. As members of an internship program, we were given corporate T-shirts. Our team got blue ones, and for us – the color is better as they match the theme of our blog. We weren’t expecting this at all, so this small gift is very pleasant for all interns.

Work is going on despite the fact of Friday. We are learning more and more different information about what is facing online marketer every day. This knowledge is about WordPress and blogging in it, using SMM and right keywords to promote every kind of website. A lot more.

Besides this, we have another surprise! We will relax and have a Movie! Not usual movie The Internship. So we are going to have a nice time spending at the end of the week. We hope you`ll have a rest as well 🙂 Stay awesome and follow our blog.