August 21,2015

Thanks God it`s FRIDAY!

Today is 10-th day of online marketing internship in Kyiv. We have studied a lot from the very beginning of the program: learned how to make SEO audit and use Google search EFFECTIVELY, create infographics and animated videos with PowToon tool, work with WordPress and write press releases, work with Google Analytics and so on … !!! Now we are real guru in online marketing! Of course we’re joking!=) There is no limit to perfection!

As already mentioned, since the beginning of this week everybody has received individual tasks and a large part of our time we spend by creating and promotion our own projects. These projects are in absolutely different spheres – entertainments, game reviews, Toronto City guide and air tickets sales. We have to create an idea of our business, analyze competitors, develop a site and content for it, prepare a plan of on site and off site promotion. A lot of work till the end of next week, right?!

But today is Friday and we are in foretaste of weekend=) If you were in our office you would dance near the flipchart while giving out your presentation because of loud pop music from the window. (Today is 2-years anniversary of City Beach Club which can be seen from office window)

If you still doubt about internship … whether it is a good idea or not? If it’s worth it?

Don’t hesitate! It’s a great idea! Join the intern ranks!

For a short time period you’ll get a lot of useful knowledge, invaluable experience and new friends=) All the time we help each other, share our knowledge and achieve goals together. Nothing brings people so much together as challenges, hard and tough deadlines=)

A lot of hugs!

Have a nice weekends! And see you on Tuesday!