August 27,2015

Final lessons of an online marketing intern

online marketing internshipPreviously we have mentioned that we were going to be interns at Mobilunity for 3 weeks only. Believe it or not, but tomorrow is the LAST day of online marketing internship in Kyiv.

As it always happens to you when you are on vacation, studying at university or starting something new – time passes by as you have only just blinked! So let’s look back on the most memorable moments and see what we have achieved while learning SEO at Mobilunity!

Statistics of our online marketing internship at Mobilunity

around 20 presentations made by interns

4 infographics carefully crafted

4 videos created

1 cup broken to pieces in debates

1 intern went for practicing an online marketing to Sri Lanka

1 movie watched together (guess which one ? 🙂

5 pizzas eaten

8 individual projects completed

a LOT of individual assignments finished

58 selfies made at Mobilunity office in Kyiv

13 blog posts published by JAVKa

Stay tuned cause tomorrow we will bring you something special 😉

Your JAVKa :*