August 18,2015

5 ways to become digital marketing specialist

We have now stepped into our second week of becoming a digital marketer. Believe it or not, but one week is enough to change your attitude towards certain things:

  1. You notice things you’ve never paid any attention before.

Indeed, the first thing you now probably do when visiting a web page is screening for keywords. Don’t you? 🙂 If yes, you are definitely in the digital marketing crew!

You probably notice how your vocabulary becomes different and stuffed with words most people do not understand, which makes you even prouder of yourself! 🙂

  1. Your interests.

The life will not be the same for you ever since you have started learning SEO. The people with whom you communicate the most, the movies you watch, the events you visit, the things you do in your spare time – all of this now bares scars of your learning SEO.

5 ways to become digital marketing specialist


As we have so far discovered, there are 5 ways of becoming a digital marketing specialist:

 1. Learning in a group.

Find a group of people who share the same passion about learning SEO in Kyiv. It is common knowledge, that learning in groups is more efficient, since it promotes rivalry and synergetic work.

 2. Online and offline courses.

Both options are now abundant. Especially online ones. These have obvious advantages: you could go on a vacation to Sri Lanka and use those extra moments vacant of hedonism to learn a little bit of SEO, Yana.

Or you could revert to traditional ways of learning and become a student, albeit at the higher cost.

 3. Write a blog.

Writing a blog is a powerful learning tool. Firstly, you absorb knowledge better having written something about something in a blog. Secondly, you can apply the knowledge you have already acquired in your own blog.

4. Learn from experts.

If you are lucky enough to find someone, who would kindly agree to be your guide and mentor in an immense world of SEO, marry him!

 5. Internship

Luckily for you, there is an in-depth coverage of this one on our website. To get a good feel of what an online marketing internship is, follow our posts on Javka Blog on Online Marketing Internship

 Stay tuned and learn with us!