August 20,2015

How did it happen? Or why?

Hi, everyone! Today is Thursday. It means that second week has almost ended up. Time is running too fast for us. New tasks are given every day, but no time is added. This week was impregnated with individual tasks. Despite the fact that we had our strategic team goals to be done. As this blog is about marketing internship in Kiev, we would like to share with you yesterday`s tasks.

Cathy (one of our managers) entered the place. She said that she had another task for us. New one 🙂 But for this time there would be no teamwork at all. But there was… and we beat up the second team. Victor scored 45 points while Dima (opponent) scored 0. How did it happen? Or why?learn seo kiev

Actually, we worked together on this project. So when we heard the points, we were stunned. Cathy gave us three niche categories and the goal was to find website directories for them. We’ve already learned SEO tools in order to use them in an off-site promotion. However, even though we were well acknowledged of the topic, we didn`t ask enough questions, so didn’t fully understand the task. We supposed to be more specific in the process. JAVKA team actually beat the whole second one by a wide margin.

So, what can be inferred from yesterday? If you want to win the competition and get the blue sticker for your whale on the achievement board – in the process of online marketing internship, you should PAY CAREFUL ATTENTION WHILE YOU’RE GIVEN THE TASK!marketing internship Kiev